SGA, Inc. Idea Center!

Welcome to the official SGA, Inc. idea centre. Our company tries to change things, to make them better; we believe that “staying still essentially means death”. Every industry has room to innovate, become more efficient, engage their clients more, capitalize on new markets, decrease overhead, radically reduce the IT expenditure, reduce attrition rates, outsource wisely, market products better, find more prospective buyers; within every individual lies this seed. Since the dawn of time, innovation has been our salvation, our saviour; it’s also the secret to the destruction of your opponents. SGA, Inc. assists in nurturing the seed in you; we help turn your dreams in to reality.

Imagine living in the seventeenth century, imagine discovering capitalism, ideas change the world. Ideas start revolutions, and ideas power innovation.

Push the boundaries, till your ideas turn in to reality, push the boundaries of reality till it starts pushing back. Have that zest for greatness inside, entertain fresh ideas, if you can do that then you won’t be out dated, irrelevant or replaceable. Ideas make and break things. Through our ideas centre you’ll be able to discover some of our ideas, we do enjoy sharing.

Picture for a second starting a company, a small and hungry company, you hire only essential staff, you’re ready to take on the world and you’re excited. You make and sell widget X, the sexiest, most attractive widget in the world, you’re a star, you convince yourself that your place in history is set; let’s take a deeper look in to the widget factory, you make widget X for 94$ and you sell it for $5000, a profit of $4906, the time for angel investors and venture capital is long gone, you’re the hot thing, private equity funds approach you, they want to give you money to expand, they want you to let them ride on your idea. Your company goes public, you get listed on the NYSE, and you’re the hottest new company. Your company buys its first jet, you buy your first yacht, things are so good, and you can taste it. Suddenly while you mossy along competition arises, they are mean and evil, they wish to take away your yacht and your private jet, they wish to take your success away from you; your focus has to shift away from the jet, the yacht, the accoutrements of success on to the evil doers trying to take it all away. Your competitor had an idea, he wanted a piece of your cake so he started making the same widget X, but he cleverly names it widget Y. He sells it for $2500 (half the price of your product); to be extra competitive he has found a way to manufacture the widget cheaper than you do.

Take a step back. Don’t let this be your story, far too many individuals and companies stagnate, take the back seat and just let it ride. Don’t become irrelevant, you can do so much more, take the initiative, keep your eye on our ideas centre (often times a wise move).