Strategic Relations

SGA, Inc. Strategic Relations (Sr), is one of the segments of SGA, Inc. The strategic relations segment is divided in to: marketing, branding, public relations, perception management, competitive intelligence, high power sales and management consulting. SGA, Inc. (Sr) fulfills various needs of a diverse base of clients in fields ranging from energy to banking.

SGA, Inc. (Sr) essentially manages communication between our clients and employees, customers, investors, competitors, voters, or the general public. The firm makes sure that our clients are presented in the right light and that they’re never caught off guard. Crisis management is the firms forte. The firm also assists in negotiations performing various roles. The strategic relations division also specializes in providing competitive intelligence to clients, this helps our clients make informed decisions and assists them in anticipating the future.

Our research team coupled with our team of psychology and perception experts make sure that our clients receive every advantage possible. Marketing services offered by (Sr) range from television and internet to undercover marketing. SGA, Inc. (Sr) has a strong base of clients who have made use of the personal branding service I.E creating a brand around a single person, imagine being known as the best at what you do… People are searching for what you offer, we make them aware of your existence, we convince them of the fact that what you offer is the best, logic then convinces them to turn to you for help, once they are your customers we turn them in to loyal advocates of your brands. Imagine having a loyal band of followers who market you (or your business) willingly, with our base in social psychology this is small part of what we do for our clients.

SGA, Inc. (Sr) and SGA, Inc. (IT) collaborates for a number of marketing projects, with the IT division’s expertise in internet marketing and design; domination in your industry is virtually guaranteed.

Do you run a college or a school looking to attract children of affluence? Are you a doctor who is trying to establish yourself as a leader in your field? Are you the owner of a business who’d like to be known as the expert in your industry? Are you a financial adviser who needs to be known as the wizard? Are you a politician running for public office? These are few of the scenarios where our perception management experts can assist you. Being an expert pays for itself, rather than having to canvas clients, they will be flocking to your doorstep. Ask yourself “if I needed help with something wouldn’t I rather go to an expert, someone who is famous for being knowledgeable in what I need than go to a novice, someone who is unknown?”.

A crime occurs, five people witness it, if you ask these five people what took place they’ll give you five accounts of the same incident, each strongly believes that their version of “reality” (what they think they’ve seen) is the one that is most “real”, it is proven that each one will tell you a different story; reality is not as real as people perceive it to be, it’s as subjective as perception. Associating with us gives you the ability to bend reality in to what you want it to be, that kind of power is palpable hence we’re highly selective of our clientele.

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