Welcome to the world of SGA. SGA Inc is a global information technology and strategic relations firm which engages in web development, perception management, marketing and public relations.

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SGA, Inc. is a global Information Technology and Strategic Relations firm which engages in information technology consulting, marketing, public relations and other services primarily to institutional clients. The firm provides services ranging from web development, network and infrastructure roll outs, brand creation, graphic design, troubleshooting, technology infrastructure maintenance, multimedia marketing, ad copy writing, search engine optimization, lead generation, market testing, and high power sales training to its clients, which include corporations, governments and individuals. The firm also engages in perception management and strategic public relations.


SGA, Inc. was founded in 2005 by then 15 year old Shalom George Abraham. Initially the firm was a one man operation run by Abraham till the company received a steady base of clients and it started expansion; at which point Abraham dropped out of school to manage the business.

In late 2006 SGA, Inc. became a player in the Information Technology (IT) industry by providing clients with packaged low cost web development, the firm independently managed to get a significant number of companies “out on the web”. It also became the company to cut the high cost model of Technology that was in place at the time. The company made a name for itself by helping clients reduce up to 70% of their IT budgets with the new razor blade margin model.


In 2007, focus was turned to portfolio management and marketing; the company established the market by aggressive marketing of online portfolios for professionals (Lawyers, Models, Actors, and Doctors). The concept of personal brand identity was born in the market and it was a new dawn, where the general public became the client a contrast to the institutional clientele. Additional recruitment began in early 2007, with wise low overhead distribution the costs were driven lower.

2007 also saw the emergence of several new creations by SGA, Inc. such as:


A brilliant concept of creating a one stop web launcher, ruling out the need to search for something you’re interested in. NETlaunch was to be a web-home, soon blurring the lines between online-offline computing, with media, news, peer written articles and social networking all in one package directly delivered to you. Beta testing for this project is going on.

Online Business Journal

The Online Business Journal (OBJ), started as an idea for an online magazine focusing on luxury, psychology, money and skills of persuasion. It was at first just a place to publish peer written articles without harsh judgment but it soon evolved in to a fully-fledged web portal, with entertainment and social networking all built and focused on ideological exchange.

In the second quarter of 2008 competitors trying to copy the razor blade margin model emerged, by trying to keep up with SGA, Inc. they were forced to re-evaluate their pricing structures significantly. The need for a high power sales force became apparent to SGA, Inc. towards the end of 2008 and so new cutting edge trades/sales franchise was built. This was a game changer and came to be a major boon in the years to come.


Despite the prevalent economic climate SGA, Inc. was able to maintain steady growth in the Information technology field throughout.

This year came with its share of challenges but it presented a great deal of opportunities as well by the grace of God.

Early on in 2009 SGA, Inc. made several strategic alliances with clients and entered in to the field of multi-medium marketing and perception management. Taking on new clients and forming new relations with old clients created a new group within the company known as SGA, Inc. Strategic Relations (Sr), the new group dealt with a diverse base of clients who required a provider of special services, the move was out of necessity.

The firm’s sales team became a product of SGA, Inc. Strategic Relations. Clients who required a dedicated team of sellers (product movers) hired SGA, Inc. Strategic Relations and our high power sellers would sell these products, with this several new partnership opportunities presented themselves.

SGA, Inc. (IT) became heavily involved in the health industry with several radical moves one being the launch of the:

Online Medical Directory

A huge void was present in the social networking scene, Doctors where in need of a network where they could socialize, a place where their privacy wouldn’t be infringed upon by outsiders. The Online Medical Directory (OMD) became the exclusive website where doctors could meet-up, it also helps medical practitioners communicate, confer and discuss with their peers worldwide on a unified communication platform.

Even before the advent of the Online Medical Directory SGA, Inc. had started working with hospitals, and doctors extensively to bring about innovation and change that could assist, ease and streamline the health care process.

The potential for outsourced medical care became an area of interest for SGA, Inc. (Sr) thus alliances with health maintenance organization were forged to facilitate maximum use of all opportunities in this new arena.


In 2011 consensus was reached to rightsize and cut down on the non-essential sectors of SGA, Inc. Subsequently bringing focus back on to our core competencies which are and have always been networking, web presence (online image crafting), applied research and IT security. And so management worked to liquidate our interests in several non-core businesses that SGA was previously involved in.

On the proprietary front SGA continues to be actively engaged in developing local bespoke web services keywords being “local” and “bespoke”, algorithmic and quantitative finance, and private intelligence. All the while striving to provide the best quality of service to our valued and respected clients.


SGA, Inc. is a leading global information technology consulting and strategic relations firm that provides a wide range of services worldwide. Our capabilities are are divided in to the following themes:

Services offered in Information Technology Consulting- SGA, Inc.Services offered in Strategic Relations- SGA, Inc.

IT Consultancy & Services

SGA, Inc. Information Technology Consultancy & Services segment delivers the service of advising and assisting businesses and individuals on best use of information technology to meet their business objectives. SGA, Inc. IT is one of the leading IT Consulting and Services firms, often topping the league tables in terms of client business volume.

SGA, Inc. (IT) provides services ranging from web development, system integration, on-site & off-site troubleshooting to search engine optimization and custom social networks. The firm leads the way in IT research and implementation, making sure that our clients are able to function at the highest and most secure level of productivity possible.

To have them on the cutting edge means we must be there long before them.

Service sectors:

  • Medical Technology.
  • Defense and Aeronautics.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Business process outsourcing.

SGA, Inc (IT) segment is divided in to:

  • Advising.
  • Research.
  • Service.

We are a full service company so whatever your need is we will be able to assist you with it and we’ll make sure everything is smooth and easy, that is our commitment- to always make sure our clients are sated. If you wish to get in touch you may do so by visiting our contact center.

To find out about the intricate offerings of SGA, Inc. (IT) you may visit the IT services section.

Strategic Relations

SGA, Inc. Strategic Relations (Sr), is one of the segments of SGA, Inc. The strategic relations segment is divided in to: marketing, branding, public relations, perception management, competitive intelligence, high power sales and management consulting. SGA, Inc. (Sr) fulfills various needs of a diverse base of clients in fields ranging from energy to banking.

SGA, Inc. (Sr) essentially manages communication between our clients and employees, customers, investors, competitors, voters, or the general public. The firm makes sure that our clients are presented in the right light and that they’re never caught off guard. Crisis management is the firms forte. The firm also assists in negotiations performing various roles. The strategic relations division also specializes in providing competitive intelligence to clients, this helps our clients make informed decisions and assists them in anticipating the future.

Our research team coupled with our team of psychology and perception experts make sure that our clients receive every advantage possible. Marketing services offered by (Sr) range from television and internet to undercover marketing. SGA, Inc. (Sr) has a strong base of clients who have made use of the personal branding service I.E creating a brand around a single person, imagine being known as the best at what you do… People are searching for what you offer, we make them aware of your existence, we convince them of the fact that what you offer is the best, logic then convinces them to turn to you for help, once they are your customers we turn them in to loyal advocates of your brands. Imagine having a loyal band of followers who market you (or your business) willingly, with our base in social psychology this is small part of what we do for our clients.

SGA, Inc. (Sr) and SGA, Inc. (IT) collaborates for a number of marketing projects, with the IT division’s expertise in internet marketing and design; domination in your industry is virtually guaranteed.

Do you run a college or a school looking to attract children of affluence? Are you a doctor who is trying to establish yourself as a leader in your field? Are you the owner of a business who’d like to be known as the expert in your industry? Are you a financial adviser who needs to be known as the wizard? Are you a politician running for public office? These are few of the scenarios where our perception management experts can assist you. Being an expert pays for itself, rather than having to canvas clients, they will be flocking to your doorstep. Ask yourself “if I needed help with something wouldn’t I rather go to an expert, someone who is famous for being knowledgeable in what I need than go to a novice, someone who is unknown?”.

A crime occurs, five people witness it, if you ask these five people what took place they’ll give you five accounts of the same incident, each strongly believes that their version of “reality” (what they think they’ve seen) is the one that is most “real”, it is proven that each one will tell you a different story; reality is not as real as people perceive it to be, it’s as subjective as perception. Associating with us gives you the ability to bend reality in to what you want it to be, that kind of power is palpable hence we’re highly selective of our clientele.

To find out about the intricate offerings of SGA, Inc. (Sr) you may visit the Strategic Relations services section.



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